Lip Pencils. Why you must try them.

If you are like me I love to search the Internet for new make up. I am a sucker for fun lipstick colors. Unfortunately, I am the absolute worst at applying it. I'm an avid Sephora shopper and sometimes I wander around the store aimlessly for hours trying on new products. I love Sephora because it's so easy to test out the products before purchasing, and if you ask they will give you small samples of products completely for free! NARS has always been on my radar but a little higher price for my range. But then I discovered their lip pencils and I never turned back. Lip pencils are easier to apply and they last a lot longer. These lip pencils are smooth and soft on the lips so it feels like I'm wearing nothing.! They also stay on a lot longer than most lipsticks I've used, so no more re-applying. The lip pencils come in a variety of different shapes and they have the most amazing names. The one I am wearing is called "sex machine.". Doesn't get much better than that. At Sephora they retail $27 per pencil and I highly recommend getting the sharpener that goes along with it for only $6. NARS is on the high priced scale but they are definitely worth it!


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