Blush Is The New Neutral

First off I just have to say I am SO sorry that I have not held up to my promise. I have been slacking hard core on my blog posts. I recently traveled to California for a week and to be quite honest I was enjoying myself and did not want to spend my time on my laptop. On my trip I absolutely fell in love with California all over again. So you can expect me to be visiting a lot more and hopefully be moving there soon!

Anyways, you do not want to hear about my trip to California, you are here to read about clothing, duh. I discovered my new favorite neutral for my closet, and you should definitely be adding it to yours.


As you may have already figured out pink is my favorite color. So I am a little biased. But blush pink is honestly a perfect neutral. It border lines a tan and a pink so its not an over bearing color. It's light and goes with anything. I enjoy this color because it really makes an outfit more sophisticated. I am at currently at an age where I can wear things still that are young or sophisticated.

The best part about blush pink is you can find it anywhere! Literally. Every store I go into or see online has several items in blush pink. Mainly because it looks good on everyone. Well almost everyone. If you are on the paler side it may blend in to your skin tone. Thankfully I have a tan right now so it goes nicely, but in the winter when I am pale AF it's not the greatest choice. So be prepared when wearing this color. I have noticed if you are on paler side, pair blush pink with a contrasting darker color that way it pops and it does not look like you are naked. I paired it with a black ruffled tee-shirt to give it some pop and sass! Sometimes I wear a blush pink top and wear it with white jeans just to give it a different look.

I am wearing BCBGMAXAZRIA skirt which is my new favorite piece. I love the asymmetrical look it gives. It is online for $88. The top is also from BCBGMAXAZRIA. It is super soft because it's made from tee-shirt material and I love the added sass the ruffles on the sleeves give. You can buy it for $68. BONUS: this weekend for the 4th of July everything is an addition 50% off online and in stores. My necklace is from choker emporium.You can get an additional 20% off with my code hailie20. So act quick! Links to each item are below.





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