Top Knot Buns

I am not very adventurous when it comes to changing up my hair. I have always been a blonde and get highlights every now and then to keep myself a blonde. I always either have my hair curly or straight. I very rarely get adventurous.

But this year things are changing.

In the beginning of the year I added some pink (which I miss, but for professional reason I couldn't keep it). I have been testing our braids more but I am still working on it. But my other lazy girl hair style is always the half up half down top knot. You've probably seen it in my other posts. I have gotten some inspiration lately to change it up some more. The 90's is my muse. I was born in the early 90's so I remember some of it but not all. However in true 90's fashion I was obsessed with none other than the greatest girl group to ever exist.

THE SPICE GIRLS. duh. If you do not know them than please save yourself.

Anyways they always had the most amazing fashion and hairstyles. My favorite spice girl was Baby Spice. With this hair style I tried to mix a little bit of Baby Spice and Scary Spice together. As for my outfit it leans toward Sporty Spice. But hey at least I am wearing all black in Posh Spice fashion. The only Spice Girl I am not representing is Ginger Spice because she is the reason why my dreams of ever seeing the Spice Girls live are dead.

To create this look I first separated two small sections of hair in the front of my face. My part is mainly in the middle so it was easier to separate. Then I twisted each section all the way to the bottom then rolled them up into little buns. You can either keep your hair straight or curled and I decided to opt for curls for a softer look. Most of my hair ties are bright colors but I would have preferred them not to show. If you have thicker hair then use bobby pins to keep the buns intact!

I hope you can rock your inner Spice Girl with this look!


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