Denim Romper

I am not normally a huge fan of denim but it is finally starting to grow on me. I felt like denim was too casual but not every occasion in life do I need to be dressed up. So I am opening my closet to more denim options. FINALLY.

My most recent purchase is this ever so comfortable denim romper. Seriously you guys, this is one of the most comfortable rompers I have even worn. I have never been super into rompers until a couple of years ago. I thought for my body type they just didn't work. Until I kept trying on different styles and now I know which ones work and which styles to completely avoid my ass hanging out.

There are upsides and downsides to rompers. The upside is they are like a dress where they are super easy to throw on and viola you have an outfit! The downside is they are not exactly a dress. So whenever you are out at the bar and had a little bit much to drink and have to pee every five seconds; you have to get almost naked every time you go to the bathroom.

Anyways this denim romper you are all so in love with as much as I am just got marked down! WOOO SALE. I love quality clothing but honestly I am to broke to pay for the price. So I always try to find designer clothing on sale! This denim romper is from BCBGMAXAZRIA and is less than $100 online. PS they always have sales so you can get it for even less! (UPDATE 50% off online!)


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