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Uh who is Hailie Lane girl and why am I following her?

I am the creator of this site, duh. I chose my name for my blog because everyone always told me my name has such a fun ring to it! My name is Hailie pronounced: (hail-ie), like a hail storm. Please do not call me Hallie. I hate it.

In the world of social media, I feel like we forget to really understand a person. We follow all of these people but we never truly know their backstory. So I decided to tell a little bit more about myself and how I became to create this site. I want to show people I am a real person who has real ideas and real passions. So here it goes.

The beginning:

I am a born and raised New Yorker. When I say New Yorker I don't mean New York City; I am talking about upstate New York, you know that whole other part of New York that everyone forgets about. I am from a tiny town called Lake George. It is honestly only pretty in the summer and fall, and the rest of the year is cold, gray, and miserable. I pretty much lived there all my life until my senior year of high school I decided to peace out and move to Park City, Utah.

The reason I decided to move across the country and leave my hometown was I used to be a competitive freestyle mogul skier. I started skiing at the age of 6. My dad who was an avid skier himself taught me how to ski. He got offered a coaching position in Killington, Vermont where he loved to ski, so against my will, he signed my sister and me up for the program. I always loved watching him ski moguls but I never thought I would be doing it my self. I grew up playing all sorts of sports. I was already a super competitive person. When I first started skiing moguls I was so awful; I hated it. But my dad kept forcing me to come back every weekend until it finally clicked. It became my life. I got to the point where every weekend I was gone either training or competing. It consumed my life for years.

My junior year of high school I decided to up my level and go to the ski academy where I skied part of the day and went to school the other part for 5 months out of the year. After a year there I decided I hated Vermont and wanted out. My sister transferred colleges to Salt Lake City and I decided to look in Utah for ski programs. I made my family up and move my senior year of high school to Park City, Utah so I could ski full time. I went to school in the morning and by noon I was on the slopes. By college, I tried to juggle school and skiing and it just didn't work. After numerous injuries to my body, the cost of skiing, and the realization I was not going to the Olympics any time soon, I decided to retire from competing. I was offered to coach skiing and I did that for a couple years, but my body still ached from skiing.

College years:

From skiing to college my life changed drastically. College made me realize the things that I wanted most in life and my passions and hobbies outside the skiing world. Don't get me wrong, I will forever love skiing but for now, I need a break. It took me 6 long years to graduate from college. I messed around in college a lot. I discovered partying. I got too wild and lost myself for a little bit. My mental health took a turn as well. I originally went to school studying to be a doctor. HAHAHA, that didn't last long. There was a year where I bounced around a lot and then I decided to transfer from my small liberal arts college to the University of Utah, where I finished out my degree. At the U, I still was unsure what I wanted to do, so I started to study marketing. Two years into the University of Utah I was getting stuck until an advisor told me to switch my major over to strategic communications. Strategic communications course consisted of advertising, marketing, public relations, visual design, etc. 6 effing years later of college I finally finished school doing something I love.

Fast forward to Now:

I finished my degree in August of 2017, then decided to peace out from Salt Lake City, Utah after living there for 7 years altogether. I recently moved to San Diego, California and couldn't be happier! When I was younger I always said after skiing I was going to retire and become a surfer. Now I can live out those dreams. I am loving every minute of warm weather and the sunshine. What more can you ask for?

You are probably wondering how I got started with my blog, right? Well after finishing some of my web design and visual design classes I was inspired to start my own site. When I was younger I actually was obsessed with fashion. I wanted to be a model, but I am extremely short, so that dream was killed. and well I'm just not that pretty either. I even tried beauty pageants. That was an awkward time of my life. Anyways, fashion has always been apart of my life, even when I was a skier. I always had to be the most stylish, even in my ski clothes. I am a girly girl with a tomboy attitude.

Now that I have stepped away from skiing, I am focusing more on my other passions aka fashion and beauty. I want to inspire others to express themselves whichever way they want. I have a range of styles and it all depends on how I feel that day. I can be girly to grungy just depending on what I am feeling. That's the beauty of style. You can express yourself in so many ways through clothing. And with makeup, it's always fun to transform your face. Most of the time I got for a natural everyday look but it's always fun to mix it up. Makeup is sort of like its own form of art. Anyways, what I am trying to say is I want to inspire people to be themselves and to express themselves any way they want!

So if you have made it this far in my long ass post, congrats!

Here are some fun, weird, and random facts about myself:

Favorite color: Pink! But more of a light pink, if you can't already tell.

Favorite movie: Billy Madison and Moulin Rouge.

Unfortunately, I have to be gluten-free. Seriously the worst.

I am a huge Harry Potter nerd

I am a dog person. My pup Rossi is my life.

I was a natural blonde, but now I have to dye my hair.

My favorite animal is a leopard, but I am not a fan of house cats.

I spent more money on clothes and makeup than anything else.

My go-to meals are sushi or tacos. I miss In N out burger the most, but I get it protein style now.

I have super bad ADD. I always need to be doing something.

Comment below if you have any weird facts you want to know about me!

p.s don't make it dirty.

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