Must Have Fringe Vest


Okay so when I first laid my eyes on this fringe vest I fell in love. This piece just spoke to me. I know that sounds really weird but when you're out shopping and your eye catches something special and then all you can think of are all the outfit possibilities running through your head. That's what this vest did for me.

I want to give you all a fair warning that this vest is a splurge item; even on sale it's a lot of money. However, with that being said your money is going to go a long ways. The only time I splurge on items is when I know I can wear an item for years to come. This vest is one of those items for sure.

What initially drew me to this vest was the fringe. When I am out shopping I love basics don't get me wrong but I love finding those hidden gems that will forever be fun and spice up an outfit. Fringe has always been a fun piece to add because it makes me feel extra sassy that day.

I love a good vest because it is a perfect transitional piece. In the summer wear it with a tank top and in the fall you pair it with a long sleeve shirt. The color of this vest is also perfect for any season! It's a more tan/brown mixture that can be mixed with any color. It is technically fall right now, but where I live the weather is much warmer so I went with a more neutral color pallet. This vest can easily be added with bright, pastel, or jewel tone colors.

To shop this look head over to my shop section of my site! You won't regret it.


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