Pearl Denim


You can go into any store this fall and you will automatically see that everything is embellished with pearls. Sweaters, tops, jeans, and skirts are all being embellished with these gorgeous pearls and I'm not mad. The second I laid my eyes on these jeans I knew I had to have them. I am not normally a denim wearer but I decided I need to venture out a little more and well now I have three pairs of jeans in my closet. I have like 10 pairs of black leggings, no joke.

Something about the pearls makes me feel a little bit classier and girlier when I wear them. Pearls are the definition of classy. I love being extra and wearing things that stand out. Plain is over rated. If you are looking to spruce up your closet this fall/winter season adding pearls to it is perfect. Extra sassy goes a long way. Also with the holidays coming up this pearl trend fits perfectly. I decedid to pair these gorgeous jeans with a plain white blouse and nude heels to really make the jeans stand out. I did not want to take away from them. This look is a classic look with a twist.

Like I mentioned before you can easily jump on the pearl trend. Seriously just go into any store and you'll find at least one item embellished with pearls. I'm also currently obsessed with the sweaters that are covered in pearls! This holiday season you bet you'll see me wearing it.

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