Piece Of Me: Driven

May 2, 2018

First things first, I am so sorry that it has been forever and a half since i've written a blog post. Since the New Year I've had high expectations for myself and well I have reached none of them. 


Recently I was reached out to this unique company called Pieces of Me. They are jewelry company that specializes in personality traits. I loved their story and what they stood for. They're helping women gain confidence and know that #YouMeanMore. In today's world we are constantly forgetting who we are. I know I am. So I love supporting this amazing company. 



Each piece of jewelry they have represents a different personality trait. There are so many to choose from that it was hard for me to pick just one. The trait that I chose this time was Driven. I'm in a part of my life where I have these big ups and downs and sometimes I have no idea what I am doing or how to get out of them. I have these big goals for myself and lately I've been losing myself. So why Driven?


Driven: When you aim for the goal and don't stop until you meet it, you're driven. Driven individuals are dedicated, and won't let any excuse prevent them from reaching their dreams. 


I am so f*cking tired of making excuses for myself and letting others reach their goals why I just sit back. So I am making a vow to myself to no longer back down. I will reach my dreams. So what is your trait you would pick? 


All the bracelets come in either silver or gold and with a choice of customizations. Some of my other favorite traits are adventurous, dreamer, and sassy to just name a few. 


Here is a direct link to my bracelet: 



Also check them out on Instagram here:



See How I Styled It




top: Lovers & Friends

p.s it's on sale!



skirt: Free People

Soooo many colors to chose from!








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