Top 5 Sweaters For Spring/Summer

Summer is right around the corner and I guess you can say we are in "Spring"now. I currently live in San Diego, Ca which is supposed to be sunny year round. Wrong. What most people don't know is California get's May Gray and June Gloom where most of the time, you guessed it, it's gray and "colder". I am always cold. This Spring hasn't been easy for most places either. So I decided my composite my favorite types of sweaters for these "cooler" times that can still be stylish.

1. The Cozy Cardigan

The Cardigan is on of my favorites for Spring/Summer because it's so easy to add onto an outfit. If you think it's going to be a little chilly that day you can throw it on and leave it open. It's also incredible easy to travel with. I love throwing this piece in my beach bag so after the beach when the sun is setting I'm not cold! During the day this piece can we worn as normal or you can shrug it off your shoulders for a more stylish look. The Cardigan listed above is the exact cardigan that I am wearing in the ballet color.

2. The Twisted Back Sweater

Okay so you have definitely seen these sweaters everywhere and you know they are a MUST! They pair so nicely with shorts or a pair of leggings so it makes those breezy summer days more chic. They come in all colors so time to stock up. Also you're Instagram game will be on point after posting yourself in one of these. Lately I'm obsessed with this mustard yellow color so you know I'll be rocking this one.

3. The Classic White Sweater

You cannot go wrong with white EVER. Sorry not sorry. White is a classic and pairs with everything perfectly! In the summer when it's much better to wear lighter colors because the sun absorbs darker colors quickly. This classic pairs perfectly with colored skirts or shorts and even better with denim. I love white because it's simple yet can be easily dressed up or accessorized. Also don't listen to anyone who says you can't wear white after Labor Day. They DON'T know what they are talking about.

4. The Long Duster

I LOVE these dusters. A duster is very similar to a cardigan but these are much lighter, longer, and chic-er. These are a perfect throw on for the desert heat that way your skin doesn't get exposed to the sun too much without over-heating. They pair perfectly over honestly anything and you can wear these year round! Well maybe for winter a thicker version.

5. The Graphic Hoodie

Last but not least, the graphic hoodie. I love these because they are more on the casual side but still super fun. These are perfect for lounging around, at a bonfire, after the beach and more! I recently stumbled upon the brunette label where they have the cutest graphic hoodies, tee's and sweats. Their staple is the blonde, brunette, and redhead collection, but they also have more options! My other personal fave is the rose all day.

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