Blue Stripped Dress

This blue dress has me swooning this summer. I call it Summer Dress Goals. I don't normally gravitate towards the color blue, but lately it's been a color that goes perfectly on me. (I'm so sorry pink). Anyways, I first purchased this beauty for the 4th of July. I ended up wearing another outfit and changing into this. Sometimes being extra AF is a totally normal.

I bought this amazing dress on and it was the first time ever shopping there so I was worried about the size and material. It turned out to be PERFECT. This summer has been hotter and humid than ever before, and the material for this dress makes this awful heat bearable. It's so lightweight that sometimes I forget I am wearing clothes. PSA it does wrinkle easy, so this is something you'll need to steam/iron often.

My favorite part of this dress is the keyhole cutout. Without the cutout it would just be another basic, boring, stripped dress. Who wants to be basic anymore? It gives that subtle sexy, without looking like trash.

This beauty of a dress can be bought right here! Also has a lot of sales, I snagged it for 50% off so keep an eye out for their sales! happy shopping xoxo


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