Summer Trend: Two Piece Sets

Two Piece Outfits are all the rage this spring and they trickled down into summer. If you haven't noticed then you might want to crawl out of that whole you have been living in the past 6 months and get with the times. Two Piece Outfits are honestly the easiest way to looking chicer than everyone in the room. And it's probably the least amount of effort you have to put into an outfit.

Do you ever struggle with trying to find the perfect top to go with that skirt, shorts, or pants? Do you have think ugh I have nothing to wear. Two Piece Outfits will seriously solve all of your problems (well, clothing problems. there are other substances for your other problems) I have ATLEASt 6 two piece outfits now, and well I am not stopping anytime soon. I promise you it is the easiest outfit choice you'll ever have to make.

This ahhhmazing two piece set I am wearing I have been eying this baby forever on the Free People website. The price of this one hurt me a little bit inside, but it's something I loved and kept going back too. Funny story, this is not and piece that Free People regularly sells in their stores and I had my eye on it online, but someone decided to return it and voila it was open to me to have. BUT they had only ONE in their store and it was a size small. Score right? Most of the time I am a size small but when I tried it on it was huge on me. I never felt soo good about myself and disappointed at the same time. So I decided not to buy it, because that price tag just got to me. But over time I was like ugh I really want that outfit. I womaned up and finally bought the damn thing and it was sold out in the xs, you got to be kidding me right? It was like fate didn't want me to have it. One day I was just scrolling through their website which I oftenly do and that had ONE xs left in stock. Oh you bet your sweet ass I jumped on it. Anyways this two piece set was a struggle and a half but I can tell you it was worth the wait. I've worn it 3 or 4 times now in a sort period of time. IN LOVE.

Long story short, buy the things you have your heart set on before you miss that opportunity. Also wear two piece sets.





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